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“A useful crisis creates a situation that cannot be resolved by incremental change.”

A thought by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (2011-04-15) from their book,The Faith of Leap, (Shapevine) (p. 41). Baker Books. Kindle Edition.
Have you noticed that when you are driving straight you still make small incremental changes in your direction to keep headed on the road ahead?   We do that in our lives too but we also need to be prepared for that unexpected situation or crisis that many times comes on our path which means a total directional change.  Sometimes we need to make changes in our direction that only a useful crisis with make the difference.
A heart attack can be a crisis that will force us to make the physical changes in our lives that will set us on a new healthier path of eating right, exercise and learning how to handle stress.  If we would do the changes without the crisis that would be better but sometimes it only happens when we are forced to change.
Sometimes we need to change jobs because we are frustrated because we are not in our gifted area but we are fear…

“If minimum wage maintained pace with the rate increase of CEO pay scales over the last twenty years, a worker earning minimum wage would receive over $23 per hour.”

A thought by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch Lance (2011-01-01) from their book, Right Here, Right Now (Shapevine) (p. 130). Baker Books. Kindle Edition.
That statement tells a lot about the problems we are having in the world today.  We are not a “we” society but an “us and them” society.  Too many times those is control don’t see the responsibility for those they lead.
I don’t begrudge those who have the responsibility of leadership to not get paid but this fact that one person has that much more value to a company is wrong.  No one person can run a business alone.  Yes there needs to be a leader but a leader is not a leader without followers.  And each is important.  Each company needs a team to make it happen.
I am a LA Dodgers’ fan.  I love baseball.  This year there were two Dodger players who were outstanding, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp but they couldn’t do it all by themselves.  No business, no team can win without a group of people each one doing their part.  And each one of th…

“Much depends on how we perceive life—as threat or opportunity.”

A thought by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (2011-04-15) in the book, The Faith of Leap, (Shapevine) (p. 31). Baker Books. Kindle Edition.
I don’t know how some people get up in the morning.  If they look at life as a threat then they must want to hide.  No way do they want to get out of bed.  Life has been ruff for some people.  I understand that but I also know of people who have also had it ruff who get up and are ready for whatever life has for them.  To them life is not a threat but an opportunity.
The truth is there is so much in our life that we have no control over.  But how we handle it starts in our mind, in how we view life and that is under our control.
I’ve learned that if I take the worst that life can throw at me and I figure out a way to handle it then no matter what else comes I can handle that.  Now I’ve started with what is the worst for many which is death and I have settled that in my mind.  I believe that a right relationship with God takes care of that.  John 3.16 (…

“Our preferences for stability and security blind us to the opportunities for adventure when they present themselves.”

A thought by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (2011-04-15) in their book, The Faith of Leap (Shapevine) (p. 31). Baker Books. Kindle Edition.

Tony Campolo in his sermon, Revolutionary Love,tells of a study that was taken of people over 95 and they asked them the question, “If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?” The 3 most distinct answers were: reflect more, risk more, and do more things that would live on after their death.  Save more for retirement didn’t make the top 3.
We spend most of our time worrying about things that really won’t matter when we come down to the end of our lives.  But the problem is those worries keep us from seeing those things that really make a difference in our lives.
I am a retired church planter.  What that means is I started churches that had no people.  I have lived a life of no security but an awesome life of adventure and challenge.
I remember when we were moving as a family to Las Vegas, Nevada to plant a church that I had a fr…