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“Doing what rewards you almost always gives you energy.”

A thought by John C. Maxwell (2017-03-07) from his book, No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity(p. 45). Center Street. Kindle Edition. (Click on the title to go to to buy the book.)
Does what you do at least 40 hours a week energize or de-energize you?And we need energy to survive in this world, don’t we? John says, “Doing what rewards you almost always gives you energy. The same is true for doing what gives us a high return. However, for most people, fulfilling requirements is not energizing— unless your requirements line up with return and reward. If you have the power to align all three of those, you’ll always be energized by your work.”
He goes on, “How can you do that? You can change jobs. You can talk to your boss and see if what’s required of you can be adjusted. Or you can learn to distinguish between what has to be done for the organization and what only you could do for it.
“In my career, I had an energy turnaround when I started to make that distinction. Not every…