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“God doesn’t want compliance; he wants connection.”

A thought by John Ortberg from his book, I'd Like You More If You Were More Like Me: Getting Real about Getting Close(Kindle Location 161). Tyndale Momentum. Kindle Edition. (Click on the book title to go to to buy the book.)
Maybe you think the opposite is true. And for many other relationships, you think that is also true.  
John says, “Not long after God decided it was ‘not good for the man to be alone,’ we find him walking in the Garden searching for Adam and Eve. They were his creation; he enjoyed their company, and he wanted to spend time with them. But they were hiding. Finally, he calls out, ‘Where are you?’ (Gen. 3: 8-9)
“Unfortunately, the serpent had convinced Eve to eat from the tree of life, and she had cut Adam in on some of the fruit. Now their relationship with God had changed — the bonds of intimacy were broken. For the first time, they realized they were naked, and they were embarrassed and ashamed. For the first time, they feared being seen and known by …