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“The key to being free from the stranglehold of past failures and mistakes is to learn the lesson and forget the details.”

A thought by John C Maxwell, (2013-10-08) from his book, Sometimes You Win--Sometimes You Learn: Life's Greatest Lessons Are Gained from Our Losses (p. 199). Center Street. Kindle Edition.

But we usually do the opposite, we remember the details, rehearse, relive the details and don’t learn anything. Those failures, those mistakes take on a life of their own and we become them. And that is such a waist.
I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN this morning.And Mike Greenberg was dealing with identity.He was talking about Mike Golic his radio host partner about his identity.He thought that Mike Golic would probably think of himself more as a retired football player but who would be known more for his TV and Radio work.But his identity was as a football player.
What about your identity?Who would you say you are?I am divorced.I am a failure.I am… What you say you are tells me where you are living.Yes those mistakes, those failures are a part of your past but your past is past and it does…

"The greatest gap in life is the one between knowing and doing."

"Success in life is: the learned ability to keep bouncing back."

"Trying to change others is an exercise in futility."