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“Adversity is the soil where victory is grown.”

A thought by Stan Toler (2014-01-28) from his book, The Buzzards Are Circling But God's Not Finished With Me Yet(Kindle Location 407). Beacon Hill Press. Kindle Edition.

Oh I wish that we all really understood that.
Last night I went to Stables to buy something I needed. I was not in one of the best of moods. I bought it and I thought I had put the sales receipt in my pocket and then I went home.When I realized that I had bought the wrong thing I started looking for the receipt and when I couldn’t find it I started becoming very upset and in no way does that help.I just couldn’t find it so I got in the car to go back to the store to see if they would exchange it without the receipt.I got out and was walking up to the store but I decided to go back to the look in the car again and I looked down and there was the receipt on the ground where I had dropped it earlier. I then picked it up and went in and exchanged the wrong thing for something that was better and that even cost less.
And …