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"The more difficult thing is to listen and love in spite of others' actions."

"Love by itself is not enough, because love wears thin."

A thought by Dr. Kevin Leman (2013-02-01) from his book, Way of the Wise, The: Simple Truths forLiving Well (Kindle Location 577). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Now if your definition is that love is a sexual act then for sure that is true.You do it then it’s over.If your definition is love is an emotion, then for sure that wears thin.But if your definition is love is a choice then that can lead to 39 years together through good times and bad.Margaret and I celebrate that fact tomorrow.
Now there are parts of those other definitions in our love towards each other but the choice is what has kept us together.
Dr. Leman also says, “Love is not two young lovers entwined in each other’s arms, gazing moonstruck at the lake on a summer night. If you simply love your spouse, it’s not enough for the long haul. All the experts agree that the moony-eyed love— the honeymoon effect—lasts about two years. So what do you do between then and 48 years later, when you get your picture in the ne…

"Each day is a gift, but how we spend it is up to us"

A thought by Dr. Kevin Leman (2013-02-01) from his book, Way of the Wise, The: Simple Truths forLiving Well (Kindle Location 560). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Wow, is that ever the truth and it takes on more meaning the older I get.I don’t want to waste one minute living it in a negative attitude because I could at a moment’s notice be facing God. Life can be so short.  This day is a gift from Him.
There are so many gifts that God gives to us that He doesn’t want us to waste, for instance our health.Health is such a gift.That is something I can abuse and it can be taken away from me.So no sweet stuff and a lot of walking are very important parts of my life.
Another is relationships, they are also a gift from God.My wife, Margaret and I are celebrating Saturday our 39th anniversary.We have had 36 wonderful years and three really bad ones.Those three were because of what I call my three year jerk time.It is only because of God’s grace and Margaret’s stubbornness that we survive…

"God loves us . . . flaws and all".

A thought by Dr. Kevin Leman (2013-02-01) from His book, Way of the Wise, The: Simple Truths for  Living Well (Kindle Location 455). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

What a great thing to realize.That shows that God is different even from us.I mean, I know me and I’m not always sure I love me but He really knows me and He really loves me.
And that fact can make a difference in how I really view me and how I love others. When I see how He loves me in spite of my flaws my imperfections then He is showing me how I can and I must love myself and love others.  So many times though, we love because of instead of in spite of.
That kind of love is what all of us need to have and need to give.But I can’t experience it or give it without a relationship with God.He can place that kind of in spite of love inside of each one of us.All we need to do is to ask for it and then cultivate a relationship with Him.
Without His love in us we live with this I love you because you do this for me or becau…

"Stress is a part of life, but we produce the stress."

A thought by Dr. Kevin Leman (2013-02-01) from his book, Way of the Wise, The: Simple Truths for Living Well(Kindle Locations 396-397). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

For most of us we think that stress comes from outside of us – work, family, husband, wife, expectations.But Dr. Leman says we produce it.He says, “We manufacture it from our life circumstances, then distribute it, so to speak, by ‘shoulding’ on ourselves or other people.”
…I should have gotten the house cleaned yesterday. …I should get a higher-paying job. …He should care more about me. If he did, life would be easier. …She should help out more around here. …I should lose weight so I look better. Then maybe I’d…
That is where your stress comes from.Listen you have no control over what you should have done yesterday, what you should do tomorrow, what someone else should do.What you have control over is what you should/could do right now.If it is something that should be done by you, not someone else then do it.And …

"God can do a work in your life even when you don't know it."

A thought by Dr. Kevin Leman (2013-02-01) from his book, Way of the Wise, The: Simple Truths for Living Well (Kindle Location 181). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

I have found that to be so very true in my own life and through my life.
I have for many years had a way that I have started each morning of my day.I would get up get ready and then head out to a Starbucks that I was drawn to that particular morning. Right now I live between two different Starbucks about the same distance apart.Now I walk each morning and I have settled on one particular Starbucks out of inner drawing inside.It just feels right.
With doing that I have built through the years some very close relationships where God has used me to say the right things they needed at the right time.They may not have had a relationship with God but they had one with me and God used my relationship with Him to deal with areas of need in their lives.It is such an unbelievable thing to experience.
God may be working in your li…