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“Regardless of how our stories began, each of us lives out the story of our life every day.”

A thought by Craig Groeschel from his book, Divine Direction: 7 Decisions That Will Change Your Life(p. 25). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. (Click on the book title to go to to buy the book.)
My story started between 12 midnight and 1:00 a.m. on the 1st day of June in St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia.And I was very close at the time to my mother, Helen Irene Williams.Now I know that none of your stories started the same way but your story does have a beginning.And we are all living out the story of our lives every day.
Craig says, “If you’re like me, you don’t stop very often to think about ‘the story of my life.’ You’re too busy living it! But recognizing the pattern of events in your life, the ebbs and flows of your story, can make a huge difference, both in your future and in how your story ultimately ends. Because when you understand the negative ways your past may be influencing your present, you have the power to make different choices, better choices.”
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“The best decision you can make is always the next one.”

“Because I believe so deeply, there are times I must speak boldly to myself.”

A thought by Craig Groeschel from his book, Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are (p. 201). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. (Click on the title to go to to buy the book.)
Some people love to speak boldly to others but sometimes we need to do it to ourselves.   
Craig says, “When we tell ourselves the truth, both from God’s Word and from events in our lives when God’s intervention was undeniable, we use the power of bold words to boost our faith. I’ve got a friend who battled with lustful thoughts for decades and couldn’t overcome the problem. Then he started preaching to himself every day. Telling himself the truth about who he was, who God is, and who women are, helped him to break a stronghold. God’s Word renewed his mind, and suddenly he woke up and said, ‘I’m no longer battling with lust.’ What did he do? He preached his way boldly to victory in his life.”
Craig goes on, “You can do the same thing. If you’ve never preached a sermon to yourself, it’s time you tried. The next …