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“It's important to realize that fear and faith often go hand in hand.”

A thought by Andy Stanley from his book, Fields of Gold (Kindle Locations 98-99). Kindle Edition.
Fear is always where faith is. 
When we had the opportunity to step out in faith and move from Long Island to Florida I had many days of unrest.  It wasn’t so much the moving but the buying of a home.  If you are renting and you don’t like it you just wait out the year and then move.  But I thought owning was so permanent and I had some fear in that.  For many people it takes great faith to risk but for me the fact that I was saying this was it had some anxiety attached to it. 
The day the peace came was a day that I was at Jones Beach on Long Island praying my anxieties out to God and He let me know that He wanted me to come to Florida to be near my mother and we stepped out in faith and made the move.  I had been seeing in His word that we as God’s children are to take care of the poor and the widows and God reinforced in me that this was my time to do that with my mother who is a widow.

“Without the element of the unknown, there could be no faith.”

A thought by Andy Stanley from his book, Fields of Gold (Kindle Locations 99-100). Kindle Edition.
There are so many different tools that Satan uses in his desire to get at God through us.  He knows he can keep us from stepping out and risking because of our fear in the unknown. 
Now one of the best areas that can open up God’s blessing on our lives is through giving, giving to Him and giving to other people.  But it is also a great area for Satan to use fear and He does it all the time.  He doesn’t want you to be blessed and your faith strengthened by giving so he sets up all these roadblocks of fear that keep you from giving.
Giving is something you do out of faith.  And fear is the antithesis of faith.  It is faith’s enemy. 
For instance, you believe it is the right thing to give to a person who is in need then everything starts going wrong in your life.  It isn’t just one thing but compounded things.  Satan then in your mind says that if you wouldn’t have given then all this bad wou…