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"A person who is devastated by criticism is putting too much value on what other people think, on other people's opinions."

A thought by Timothy Keller (2012-04-01) from his book, The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness (Kindle Locations 292-293). 10Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Maybe that is the thought that you needed today.I have been to two different coffee shops this morning and finished two different books and moved to this book by Tim Keller and came upon this thought.All I can say is, you must really need this encouragement today.
And the beginning of a new week could be the right time to understand this.Last week is over and you have the potential to start over.So whose opinion have you given too much value to?I am giving you permission to stop and reassess their value and their control over what they think of you.
God loves you and accepts you and He believes in you and He will forgive you.Let what He thinks be what really matters to you.
Why not start today?