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“Grace can’t be earned.”

A thought by Andy Stanley, (2010-10-19) from his book, The Grace of God (Kindle Location 116). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

I was sitting in my spot at Starbucks this morning with my table all organized and a man came up and asked if he could sit in the other chair.There was no other place to sit so I begrudgingly said, “yes” so he sat down and started using his half of the table.Now that kind of griped me so I wasn’t really very friendly or I should say very gracious to him.He had invaded my space without me asking him to.
I didn’t respond much better the whole time he was there.In other words, i blew it in being gracious to him.My pride and my feeling of being inconvenienced got in the way of my being gracious.
I went home and started getting ready to move some stuff over to our storage unit and I carried it down to the car, put it into the car, ready to run up and get some more stuff and then realized that I had locked my keys in the car to the car and to our apartment.Now I was…

“Receiving grace is often easier than dispensing it.”

A thought by Andy Stanley (2010-10-19) in his book, The Grace of God (p. 117). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.
I don’t know if you are married or not but if you are you experience conflict every once in a while.This is especially true if there are two very strong willed people in the marriage.Conflict just happens but resolving it and coming out of it with the relationship in tack means someone hast to stop and listen to what the other person is saying.If the relationship is important, at some point one of the two will decide to stop telling their side and listen to the other side.When this happens there will be a resolution to the conflict.

Now which is easier?To be gracious and to stop trying to get them to understand your side or to be the one who is allowed to tell their side.Of course being the one allowed to continue has the easier time but the one who stops and listens is deeply rewarded.It is great to receive grace but it is also great to give it.

I had something interesting happ…