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“His strength is available to praying people who are convinced to the core of their beings that he can make a difference.”

A thought by Bill Hybels, (2009-08-20) from his book, Too Busy Not to Pray (p. 18). InterVarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

I was reading this morning in Luke about Jesus.  There in chapter 12 it showed of a time that He went off to a mountain to pray and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.His human part was convinced to the core that connecting with His Father through prayer would make a difference in what He was going through.He showed us what we need to do.
Now I’m not really going through any difficult time in my life right now.In fact I am going through a very good time but I do want to know more about God and to connect more with Him.The reality is even on the good times I need His strength and it is through prayer that it is available to me so that He will make a difference.
What are you going through?So many people are just being thrown around by life and they feel all alone.Maybe that is the way your feel.You are going through a difficult time and you are desperate and you do…