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“Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle!”

A thought by John C. Maxwell (2017-03-07) from his book, No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity(p. 53). Center Street. Kindle Edition. (Click on the title to go to to buy the book.)
John says, “As a college freshman, I needed a job. My friend Steve Benner suggested we apply at a grocery store to be stock boys. Sounded good to me, so we went to the store and talked to the manager.
“‘Boys,’ he said, ‘follow me to the back of the store.’ He quickly turned and walked briskly to the back of the store. I remember thinking that he sure seemed in a hurry. Steve was on his heels, while it took me a few seconds to catch up with them. At the back of the store, we filled out our applications, shook the manager’s hand, and waited for his call.
“The next day Steve found out that he was hired. I got a call, too— saying I wasn’t.
“That entire day I couldn’t figure out what happened. How come Steve was accepted and I wasn’t? I wondered. The next day I could stand it no more. I went to the s…