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“The lack of genuine community and relationships beyond the single-family home are a contributing factor to the malaise of depression in our society.”

A thought by Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford, (2011-01-01) from their book, Right Here, Right Now: Everyday Mission for Everyday People(Shapevine) (Kindle Locations 2566-2567). Baker Book Group. Kindle Edition.

Somehow we have built within our worldview an idea of isolation even within our families that may not be totally healthy.Our little family unit has become the total it and it is causing us to be overworked and in turn underdeveloped relationally which is not God’s way of living. He has built within us a need for each other and when we become isolated on ourselves we have the potential for depression and self-centeredness.
We right now have 6 of us living in a two bedroom apartment and it is working.Of course it has been just one week but I really don’t for see a problem.Now I do believe that three bedrooms would be better so our two granddaughters would have their own room but living together has some value to it.
I do understand the need for independence but maybe not to the extreme …

“If minimum wage maintained pace with the rate increase of CEO pay scales over the last twenty years, a worker earning minimum wage would receive over $23 per hour.”

A thought by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch Lance (2011-01-01) from their book, Right Here, Right Now (Shapevine) (p. 130). Baker Books. Kindle Edition.
That statement tells a lot about the problems we are having in the world today.  We are not a “we” society but an “us and them” society.  Too many times those is control don’t see the responsibility for those they lead.
I don’t begrudge those who have the responsibility of leadership to not get paid but this fact that one person has that much more value to a company is wrong.  No one person can run a business alone.  Yes there needs to be a leader but a leader is not a leader without followers.  And each is important.  Each company needs a team to make it happen.
I am a LA Dodgers’ fan.  I love baseball.  This year there were two Dodger players who were outstanding, Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp but they couldn’t do it all by themselves.  No business, no team can win without a group of people each one doing their part.  And each one of th…