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“Once you take responsibility, it’s your fault.”

A thought by Seth Godin, (2010-10-13) from his book, Graceful (Kindle Location 365). New Word City, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

That is what keeps so many people from stepping out and taking responsibility.They don’t want the pressure.They fear the negative.They are afraid of being blamed for something going wrong.They just want to accept things the way they are.
There also are some who don’t want to take responsibility so they can point the finger.They want to be the blamer but I say that is really being lame.That is being a coward.
But there is another side, responsibility also gets the credit.That is why some don’t want to give it; they don’t want to share the credit.But it seems like taking responsibility and also giving it to others is really the way to make a difference.
And that to me is the best thing about responsibility, the making a difference part and that means living life to its fullest.
Now I have taken responsibility at continuing a thought five days a week here on this blog.Yes…

“Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance.”

A thought by Seth Godin, (2010-10-13) from his book, Graceful (Kindle Locations 331-332). New Word City, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

I wonder if confidence is experiencing success in advance?I’m sure more people do the other.Somehow we have learned how to experience anxiety more than confidence.Society would rather teach us seems to come so natural except if you are a child.
Children many times believe they can do anything but adults start putting anxiety into their lives.They know that life is scary and should be feared except those adults who believe, who have confidence.
Bill Hybels is a very effective, innovative Pastor of a church in Chicago that is making a difference in the world.His dad who was a very successful business man saw in Bill a thrill-seeking temperament from an early age and he knew that if he didn’t do something to channel all that energy in a positive direction, Bill would likely wind up wrecking his life.Bill said in his book, The Power of a Whisper, “before I w…