Wednesday, February 13, 2013

“When your mind is filled with the clutter of overthinking—ask God for wisdom.”

A thought by Les Parrott, (2012-08-02) from his book, You're Stronger Than You Think: The Power to Do What You Feel You Can't (pp. 21-22). Tyndale House Publishers. Kindle Edition.

I know what he is talking about. That happens when my mind is cluttered with overthinking, when I am facing a writing deadline and I am feeling the pressure.  So many ideas are going through my mind but none of them really grip me and the pressure is building. 

It is so easy to rely on our own ideas, our own abilities and for the most part it is the reason why God gave them to us.  But sometimes all of that gets in the way and we need to stop and ask God for wisdom in the midst of all the clutter.  He said if we ask Him, He would give it to us.

So in that situation that you are facing right now, how’s it going?   Are you getting confused and desperate?  Do you have so many thoughts running through your mind but none of them make sense?  So why don’t you get up, go for a walk, look at all the beauty of nature, relax, clear your thoughts and then ask God for wisdom.  Just take some time and let God and your subconscious work together.  Then you look for the wise thing to do.  Not what you really want, what your parents really want, your friends really want but what wisdom says it wants.  And when that comes you will see that it is what is best and what you really want.  Wow, I hadn’t thought of that but that really makes sense.

So just clear your mind and ask Him.  It may not happen right at that moment but it will happen.  Just relax and believe.

So what is it you are overthinking about?

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